Adding a Mailbox

Note: Programming must be performed using the M7310, M7324 or T7316e set

  • Press  or  and 983
  • Log: 120000 (2 digit extension numbers) 
    1020000 (3 digit extension numbers)
  • Press: OK
  • MBOX
  • ADD
  • MBOX: (Enter entension #)
  • Display will show “Type: subscriber”
  • Press OK
  • EXT: (Enter extension # again)
  • Display will show “Service Class:”
  • Press 1 and OK
  • Display will show “Name:”
  • Using the dial pad, enter the letters the same way as you would a cell phone
  • Type in the last name first, followed by # #, then the first name
  • Use the # key to go from letter to letter if necessary
  • Press: OK
  • Msg waiting: YES
  • Press  or  to end.

NOTE: The new mailbox user will need to initialize and set up their mailbox.