DescriptionModular Integrated Communications System

The communications solution that helps your business do more business. Powerful features to improve employee productivity and drive your business to new levels of competitiveness and customer value. The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System. 

The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) will improve not only the way you communicate, but also the way you do business. A phone system that will actually improve the way your employees work—to help your business do more business. 

The value you’ll gain from the Norstar Modular ICS will be apparent immediately. With every call, you and your employees will 
get more done. You’ll notice and appreciate the difference—and more 
importantly, so will your customers.

  • Powerful performance—Norstar Modular ICS offers powerful features to help you and your employees get more out of each workday.
  • Improved Information Flow—With ISDN, the Modular ICS speeds up your information flow.
  • Workplace Mobility—Keep in touch, even when you’re on the move with Nortel Companion integrated wireless.
  • Integrated Solutions—It’s easy to add integrated Norstar Applications as your business needs change.
  • Remarkable Scalability—There’s room to grow the Modular ICS as your business grows.
  • Norstar Quality and Reliability—And the Modular ICS keeps your business moving with Norstar quality and reliability.

Powerful performance —Do you need to get more out of the workday? There’s a better way to manage your communications.

Managing the hundreds of calls your business receives a day can be time-consuming and often frustrating. You and your employees spend so much time chasing messages, returning phone calls, and trying to figure out how to transfer a call, that there’s little time left for other work. There is a way to improve the way you communicate, so you can be more productive. 

It’s Norstar Modular ICS with features like:

  • Internal Messaging, so you can leave a message for another employee who’s on a call or away from their desk
  • Integrated Calling Line ID (CLID) capabilities—when you subscribe to CLID from your telephone service provider and equip your Norstar Modular ICS to capture it, your employees can see who’s calling right on their Norstar telephone’s LCD Window. So they can customize greetings and be better prepared to talk with callers.
  • Call Log, which works with CLID to let you see who called while you were away from your desk. And lets you return those calls with the touch of a button, without writing down or trying to remember a phone number.

And with the LCD Window built into every Norstar telephone, the Modular ICS is extremely easy to use. Conference calls and transferring—functions your business frequently uses—are easier than ever because the LCD Window walks you through using Norstar features. There’s no lengthy learning process. Norstar’s an expert at communications, so your employees don’t have to be.

Improved Information Flow —Does your business depend on access to all kinds of information, from file transfers to Internet searches? Modular ICS can speed up and simplify your communications.

As you increase your use of networks, including LANs for file sharing and the Internet for activities like market research, Norstar can help you get, move, and use information quickly and efficiently. Norstar Modular ICS supports Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI), industry-standard digital service from your telephone service provider. ISDN reduces costs while speeding up and simplifying communications. 

See ISDN Advantages for more information on how Norstar with ISDN can help you get, move, and use information quickly and efficiently. 

Norstar Modular ICS offers several ways to connect to your local telephone company:

  • “Regular” analog lines
  • ISDN BRI and PRI
  • T1 services

You build the Modular ICS that’s right for your business.

Workplace Mobility —Do you often miss important calls while your away from your desk? The Modular ICS has a solution for that.

Every day people spend approximately 2 ½ hours away from their desks—and their phones. Think about the revenue impact the resulting inability to communicate could have on your business. 

Norstar’s answer is integrated Nortel Companion wireless system, the high-quality, digital mobility solution for business. With Nortel Companion, your wireless call is handed off between base stations, like cellular technology, but it’s in your building—so there are no airtime charges, no dead zones and no chance someone could accidentally tune in to your conversation. 

This wireless option on your Modular ICS can dramatically improve how your business communicates. You’ll spend less time chasing messages and more time doing business.

Integrated Solutions —The Norstar Modular ICS keeps up with your business, even when you need more functionality.

Since your business is constantly growing and changing, your phone system has to be able to keep up—to meet your needs today…and tomorrow. Think of the Norstar Modular ICS as a platform for your business communications, much like your PC is the base for your computer applications. Once you have that in place, you can add the other pieces as you need them. 

It’s easy to add integrated Norstar Applications when your business is ready, like Voice Mail for accurate and prompt message delivery, or Desktop Messaging to manage voice, fax, and e-mail messages all from you PC. Norstar applications work with each other and the system to further enhance communications.

Remarkable Scalability —What if your business adds employees? Norstar grows with you.

Norstar provides seamless growth to meet the demands of your growing business. There’s extraordinary room to expand the capacity of the Modular ICS. You simply add modules in building-block fashion to grow the system. The Norstar Modular ICS can start with just a few incoming lines and telephones and grow up to 272 ports in various combinations of lines and expansion levels, including 60 Companion wireless telephones. 

And if you’re upgrading from a Norstar Compact ICS, you can re-use all your Norstar telephones and some system hardware, as well as Norstar applications for your Modular ICS. Nothing on the desktop changes—phones, computers, and the way you use them all remain the same. It’s one more way that Norstar protects your investment and reduces the cost of owning and upgrading your telephone system.

Norstar Quality and Reliability —The telephone is your company’s lifeline. You have to be confident that your phone system will keep your business going.

The high level of quality and performance designed and manufactured right into the Modular ICS provides an exceptional advantage: Reliability. More than ever, your communications system is a vital link to your customers. Downtime and other problems can halt information flow and result in lost sales. 

Norstar is an industry leader in reliability and manufacturing quality. It’s built on everything that’s made Norstar the #1 small-system choice for all types of businesses around the world. 

The company that stands behind the advanced technology of Norstar Modular ICS is Nortel. Founded in 1895, Nortel is now one of the world’s leading providers of fully digital telecommunications switching and transmission systems. And because Norstar Modular ICS is from Nortel, you can count on its quality and reliability for years to come.