DescriptionNorstar M7324

The M7324 (Expanded Set) is the best choice for a full-featured terminal or central answering position, because it offers 24 programmable buttons with an LCD for one-button access to any combination of lines, features and autodial numbers. Up to two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules (48 buttons/module) can be attached to a terminal to create powerful call coverage for many lines or to accommodate additional Norstar features (refer to section on CAP module for configurations).

Target Audience

The M7324, with or without CAP modules, is designed for secretaries and receptionists for centralized call answering. It is also useful for managers, professionals, and system administrators requiring high feature usage and access to various lines, such as WATS and private lines.


For smaller applications, the M7324 by itself, is a central answering position; larger applications require the addition of CAP module(s). Stock brokers could use it with two CAP modules for fast autodial access to preferred customers. Users with wide-ranging needs, such as consultants, might use it for Speed Dialing, Conference Calling and Call Forwarding. The M7324 is also useful for Norstar system administration.