The Lightest, Most Comfortable Plantronics TriStar®P81 U10P
Over-The-Ear Headset

Plantronics headsets have become the world’s talking point, with more than six million in use today.

The TriStar headset offers premium sound quality and is the first to combine light weight and small size with a unique design to provide optimum over-the-ear fit.

The TriStar NC headset is also available with the added benefit of 
a noise-cancelling microphone, eliminating background noise by up 
to 75%. With its simple design, replacing the voice tube or earpiece 
is quick, cost-effective, and takes only seconds.

TriStar headsets are ideal for executives, call centers, and help desks, 
as well as technical helplines, credit control, sales offices, and telemarketing.

Comfort and Stability

The Three-Point Fit. With four sizes of user-selectable earbuds and an adjustable receiver arm, the TriStar headset can be custom fitted to just about anyone. Weighing under one-half ounce, TriStar is a pleasure to wear.

Freedom of Movement

TriStar headset wearers can easily multitask as they talk on the phone. If it becomes necessary for wearers to leave their desks, they can simply use the Quick Disconnect™ feature without removing the headset, and the other party stays on the line.

Sound Quality from the Leaders

Plantronics uses a proprietary voice tube design, with patented SoundGuard®Plus™ and Call Clarity™ technology, which contribute to the TriStar headset’s excellent sound quality.