Open Mailbox: Press this button to retrieve your voice mail

Trans > VM: If you want to transfer your caller directly into someone else’s voice mail

Leave Message: If you want to leave an inter-office message in someone’s voice mail

FWD > VM: Forward your incoming calls directly to your voice mail

Music: Plays the music that callers hear on hold

DID 1234: DID – Direct Inward Dial. This is your new direct line telephone number. You have two buttons in order to receive more than one call at a time

OUT: You must now dial “9” to make an outside call. You can either lift the handset and dial “9”. Or you can lift the handset and press “OUT” which will pre-dial the “9” for you.

Call Park: This feature allows you to place your call on hold, and pick it up from any telephone in your system. When you press Call Park, the display shows a three-digit retrieval code. To retrieve a parked call, go to any telephone, press intercom and the retrieval code.

Call Forward: You can press this button and dial any number you wish your telephone to be forwarded to. It can be an extension number or an outside number (i.e. 96042770022, OK)

Interrupt: If this button is flashing, there is currently a caller leaving a voice mail message in your mailbox. You can retrieve that call by pushing this button. There will be a slight delay, and then you can speak to the caller.

Call Timer: Press this button and you can see how long you have been on the phone or the length of the last phone call.

Page: Press this button and you can make an announcement THROUGHOUT the entire office.

Conference: To place a conference call:

  • Hit the intercom key, dial “9” and your telephone number.
  • After the person answers, put them on hold.
  • Make your next call by pressing the 2nd Intercom button, dial “9” and your telephone number.
  • After that person answers, push the Conference button.
  • Push the first Intercom button that you used to place the 1st call and everyone is connected. MAXIMUM is yourself and 2 others.

Voice Call: Press this button and the extension number of the person you are calling, and you can immediately start speaking to that person without them having to pick up their telephone.

Intercom: Used for placing internal calls, outside calls, and conference calls.


  • To place an internal call, pick up the handset and dial the extension number
  • To place an outside call, pick up the handset and dial “9”, or press the “OUT” key and the telephone number